Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So today I had some ladies from the ward over for lunch. We have a recipe exchange once a month. The theme was pasta of course....my favorite!! It was fun to get together with the ladies that came. Since Gerry and I serve in primary I do not see some of them very often. In our ward there are quite a few stay at home moms and it still amazes me at how few get together. I know that people have things to do, but I know that everyone eats lunch right. Anyhow....to the ones that did come I am thankful for. Everyone gets nervous when something is at their own house that nobody will show up. At least I get a little nervous about that!! The other part that is fun about getting together with the women in the ward is that the kids can play together and get to know each other as well and not just in a church environment. I have to admit that this is the first recipe exchange that I have been to, but I know that it won't be the last. I am also going to try to go to more of the events that we have in our ward. It is refreshing to get a break from the same daily routine!!!! I know that some of you will agree with that! A big thanks again to those that came and I hope that more will show interest in upcoming events that are planned for the sisters in our ward!!!!

We had another dr. apt. yesterday and everything is looking good with the baby. We are already right at 14 weeks. We get to find out what it is and make sure that all the measurements are good in Sept. I am so excited. After that we will have to pick some names! Not to sure on those yet. We will have to find one be both like. The first one was easy....now for the second.


Ashley said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for hosting the recipe exchange. It was so much fun.
My e-mail address is ashley.whipple[at]gmail.com

Trish Anderson said...

Hi Karen,
I really enjoy your blog and I am not sure how I rate such a special daughter. You have taught me so much about being a great person. Thanks for what you share. Love, Mom

Trish Anderson said...

Hi Karen,
I have enjoyed your blog. I wish I had time to set one up. You make a mother proud. Looking forward to seeing all of you in Sept. Love, Mom

Bob & Danya said...

Thanks for hosting the Pasta Lunch! It was YUMMY! I was so glad that I went! You have a beautiful house and I love your street name :)