Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where have we been?? Just here, there and everywhere. We recently found out that we will having another boy. He is due June 1st. Jailynn is growing and talking more and more everyday. Grant is walking when he feels like it. He follows me and if I am doing something other than paying attention to him, he will fuss! We still do not know when or where we will move to this summer. Hopefully we will find something out soon. I am not good at playing the waiting game. Gerry is doing well trying to be the best father he can and still work an insane amount of hours. That should be getting better soon though. He finally has some help in the office. I am doing well also. Moving right along with the pregnancy. Just hoping to make it a little longer than I did with Grant. Trying for at least 37 weeks again. The doc seems to think that I may not since Jailynn was right at 37 weeks and Grant was 35. She said that usually a woman will continuely start labor earlier with each pregnancy. We will see though. We like the name Miles, but can't think of a middle name. So, we still don't know if that is what we will stick with. I will post pictures soon!!