Monday, June 24, 2013


Well, it has definitely been a long time since I updated this.  We are all doing well.  The kids are in preschool and Gerry and I are both working.  Jailynn has started cheering.  She loves it.  Good thing she made the competition team.  The boys like to take her to her practices because there is a play room there.  They are growing up so fast and loving it here.  They have friends and a place to call home now.  We love the house we bought a year ago.  The kids love having their own yard. Jailynn will start kindergarten Aug 19.  She can barely contain her excitement.  The boys will move up in preschool.  I am planning a trip to the beach.  They have been asking me like we have been tons in their lives.  We haven't which is the crazy part.  It amazes me the things that they know and the things they learn so fast!