Sunday, August 10, 2008

August Already???

So, Jailynn loves to eat. Here she is with a face to prove it.

Her new favorite thing is to climb and see where she can go. The only problem is that she can't quite get down on her own yet. She is getting there though.

For someone so small, she sure does seem big. To be so close to a year old and not 20lbs yet seems crazy to me. Everyone asks me if she is a year because she is walking. When I say no they seemed shocked like she is the only child that has walked before a year old. She is a very independent little girl though. When she is walking in a public place she wants nothing to do with us. She won't even hold our hand. She tells us to stop already. Even though she can't fully say the word, we know what she is saying and when we say no you stop, she gets quiet. It is funny!!

Well, I am about 12 weeks pregnant now and still feeling tired. Hopefully that will pass. Other than that everything seems to fine. I am sure that we will find out the gender within the next 2 months. Gerry is hoping for a boy this time, but still thinks it will be a girl. We will see though.

We are still waiting to go to the temple, but I know that it will happen shortly. Hopefully we will be able to go in September. At least that is what we are planning for at the moment.

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Shannon said...

I'm glad I didn't have to clean that highchair! She is a cutie - can't wait to see her on Tuesday. Does around 10:30 sound good?