Monday, March 30, 2009

I know I am so bad at keeping this updated. I haven't pasted in over a month. Having two kids will keep you busy though. Grant is two months now. He smiles all the time. Jailynn is 18 months and full of life. She has to tell everyone good night before she will go to bed at night, including Grant. I need to take some good pictures of them together. One of these days. They both have a check up this week. Jailynn has gone a week without having to go to the doctor for an illness. I wish I knew where she keeps getting sick from. She has never had this many illnesses.
My parents came a couple weekends ago and Gerry blessed Grant at church. It is so amazing to see someone change as much much as Gerry has since I met him. I don't tell him often enough, but I am so proud of him and everything that he does. I sometimes forget that wives are supposed to be submissive and I get frustrated about different things. Hopefully he just looks past that. He is planning on retirement this year. It is a little scary to think about though. We know that we will more than likely move to Fort Smith, AR and get settled there for a long time I hope.