Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another week has come and gone....

Gerry got to baptize Sister Velma Simpson on Saturday. It was so neat to see him do this. I love that he is growing within the church and willing to do more and more. I love watching him pass the sacrament and performing his priesthood duties. He has come such a long way and I love him more and more everyday! How lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband who has loved me through all the rough times.

Summer is definately here. I do not like the heat at all. Jailynn and I try to stay in as much as possible. When we do get out it is to go somewhere where there is air conditioning or water. Jailynn loves to go to her gym class each week. It is fun for me to watch her explore and play with the other kids.
Sometimes she will just sit somehwere or be walking around talking away. We have no idea what she is saying, but she thinks she is saying something. It is so funny to just watch her sometimes. She now will dissapear on us and we have to go looking for because when we call her she doesn't respond. When she dissapears that is the only time besides when she is sleeping that she is quiet. I am telling you this girl has so much to say!!!

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