Sunday, July 20, 2008 we are again. So I am just over 9 weeks pregnant. I had my first dr. appointment this last Friday. The baby is even moved during the ultrasound they did. It is measuring a little smaller than nine weeks, but they aren't going to change the dates just yet. The baby should be due around Feb. 20, 2009. In about 8 - 10 weeks we will find out what it is. I am so excited!! Gerry is hoping for a boy this time. I feel a boy would be nice, but we already have girl stuff....we will see though. Whatever it is, as long as it is healthy we will be happy!!
I think that we are planning on going to the temple at the end of August. That is if all the paperwork is done by then. We are hoping though.

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Bob & Danya said...

Congrats on being pregnant! That's so exciting! I hope all the paperwork gets done so you can go to the temple in August! That would be fantastic!

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