Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July Already!!!

She loves teddy grahams and gold fish.....and just about anything else you give her!

Ok....so I have been the best blogger lately. I do not remember being so tired when I was pregnant with Jailynn though. Still doing good on the morning sickness though. Some days I do feel extremely drained though. Things are going well around here though. I have my first dr. appt this friday....just a little nervous because I know that they will take some blood and that kind of thing. Oh well...I am sure I will make it. Gerry is doing well also. He will be on leave this next week so we will see if we get to catch up on sleep. I am sure when Jailynn starts sleeping through the night, things will be much better until the next one comes and wants to eat throughout the night. I have seriously tried everything and she just likes to eat during the night. She only gets a bottle during the day when it time for her nap or time to go to bed. Other than that, it is food and other things to drink. I even tried putting her to bed later and it that just meant she woke up at a different time to eat, but the amount of time from sleep to wake was the same. Oh well.....she is just a hungry girl I guess. I finally took a picture of the three of us. I need to start taking more of those. Jailynn actually smiles at the camera now. She does have two teeth one the bottom even though you can't see them. She is also walking by herself now. She has been for about two weeks now. She thinks it is funny to run from Rusty and to chase him with food and tease him with it. I can't believe it is already the middle of July though. This year seems to be going so fast.

Gerry and I are just waiting on paperwork to be processed to be able to be sealed. He also has to go through for himself, but we are not waiting on anything for that. We will let everyone know when though! Thanks to all for the support that you have shown us! We really appreciate it! All in time though. I hope that everyone is doing well! I hope to see some of you soon!!!

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the cakes said...

Congrats! What exciting news for your family! Glad to hear everything is going well and happy. Can't wait to hear when you'll be able to go to the Temple. We had to wait for Pat to get his Sealing Clearance but it only took a year. I was glad to be able to take our first baby with us when we were sealed. What a treasured experience!
Good luck with the summer!