Saturday, February 28, 2009

Grant is a poser. He is always posing when he sleeps. We have an appointment to get pictures taken on the 11th. I am so excited. Jailynn got rid of her fever and seems to be feeling better today. Grant is still coughing here and there, but seems to be much better. I hope we are done with sickness around here! I will try to remember to take more pictures and put them on here. Thanks to everyone for thinking of us!


the hansens said...

Cute blanket!! We didn't want to bug all the brand new mothers in the ward for our shower, but please please please plan on hanging out once I'm not on bed rest anymore that would be really fun. I've worked for 10 years, being home without grown ups might be a little scary :)

Natalie said...

Congrats! What a handsome baby. you have such a beautiful family. good luck with everything...having 2 kids was a hard adjustment for me. That is why I waited a little longer to have my third.