Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our little mess!!

I decided that it was time to cut Jailynns hair so that it could all grow evenly. The top was much longer than the back. She did very well with her daddy holding her. She had her check up yesterday, but I knew she wasn't feeling well. Turns out she has an ear infection, not just a cold like I thought. This could be the reason that she has been extrememly cranky!! She did not have a fever though. She ended up getting 4 shots and some medicine.

Here are a few pics of her!

Before haircut

After haircut

Jello is soooo yummy!!!


Mickle N Stanka said...

KAREN!! Your baby girl is SO cute!!! Hey shoot me an e-mail and i'll invite you to mine! Michael.N.Christina.Clark@gmail.com

Laura said...

She is getting so big! Doesn't look so much like a baby anymore.

Amanda said...

She is so cute! I love the jello mess that is too funny!!!