Friday, June 27, 2008

What a weekend!! that I am back home, I can get caught up on the blog. We went to Arkansas this last week for a few days. We had fun! We left on Sat. morning and got to Fort Smith about 3:30pm. We then went to my sisters reception and saw alot of people. Jailynn did not like this that much. She did like playing with her cousin though. They were so cute. Jailynn just didn't like that everyone was trying to hold her and the fact the we flew out of Phoenix at 5 am did not help. Anyway, we still had a good time. I just would liked to have stayed a little longer. I didn't get to see and talk to everyone that I wanted to. I also didn't take as many pictures as I should have. I had the camera with me, but never got it out after the first night. Silly me!!! Maybe I can get some pictures from my dad and grandmother. They were taking lots! The reception was beautiful! Mom did such a great job along with everyone that helped! I wish I could have been there to help more. I did get a dance with my dad though. We of course cried. I am so grateful for my parents and everything that they have done!

On Monday night we went to the house that my parents are fixing up and then going to move in to. We all went swimming and had pizza. The water was FREEZING!!!! Jailynn loved it so much though that When I wanted to get her out because she was shivering, she threw the biggest fit I have ever seen. Let me remind you that she is only 9 months. You would have thought she was 2 or 3 the way she acting!! Oh well, I am sure there will be many more!!

While we were there Gerry was ordained with the Melchizedek priesthood. This was exciting for our family. This means that we are another step closer to being able to be sealed. We are looking forward to this occasion! I know that it will be so exciting to know that we can be a family forever! Besides, my parents will get to come see Jailynn for a while. She finally get used to them on the 3rd day.

The pictures are as, dad and Laura....Jailynn....Garon and Laura with cake....Jailynn again.

I also wanted to thank everyone for the congrats!! I am starting to get more excited about it! I am trying to switch insurance plans right now though. I found out that I can do this and not have to go to the base. This means less out of pocket expense since they do not have pediatrics and maternity care at the base. I am very excited about this!!!!

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