Sunday, January 4, 2009

I have been so bad at keeping up with this the last month or so. I also didn't take pictures on the camera at Christmas. We took some on our phones though. Jailynn and I spent most of December in Arkansas and then Gerry joined us. We did get some family photos and when I get them I will post some. All of my siblings were there which hasn't happened in a few years. We had a good time and Jailynn loves Nana and Papa. She also loved their hot tub. We knew that she would though. It was cooler there, but not too bad. There wasn't any snow or ice while we were there. We made it back to Phoenix on the 27th. Since then we have been getting for the baby to arrive. Jailynn is now sleeping in a queen size bed and the crib has been moved to a different room. She seems to like the fact that when she wakes up she can just get up and move around the house. We will see how it goes when the baby gets here though. She likes to come in and make sure that we are getting up as well.

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