Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What have you been up to?

Well......Sunday was Jailynns 1st birthday. That was fun. We had a little cup cake for her and she got it everywhere of course. She likes the chair that she got. Now she doesn't have to try and climb the couch. She is so cute and we love her so much. We took video and not picstures so that is why I don't have any to post right now.

Monday we had an appt. for an ultrasound. Everything is measuring fine on the baby. We also found out that we are having a boy. We don't have a name yet. I think that will come shortly though.

It has been fun having my family here. Gerry and I got to get out by ourselves last night. It was so nice to be able to talk to each other and not have to be preoccupied with Jailynn. Today Gerry will be going through the temple for the first time. We are looking forward to that. Thanks to the Melissa and the Osborne kids Jailynn will be having fun too. We don't leave her very often, but when we do I try find somewhere she will distracted because she walks around and looks for us. My parents say it is cute when she does.
I will take some pictures and post them soon!!


Edna Guerrero Cole said...

Happy B-day to the most beautiful kid- Jailynn. Wish I could make it tonight, but I won't be able to - Congrats to Gerry.

Jake and LaNae Yates said...

I can't believe she is a year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAILYNN!!! I wish I could be there with you in the temple tonight. I am so happy for your family. You'll have to keep us updated on some of the names you like. I am excited that you are having a boy.