Sunday, June 14, 2009

Summer is here and where have I been? Time just seems to fly by. We recently spent a week in Arkansas. It was fun to seen so much family around. Jailynn loves Nana and Papa. She really like their pool and hot tub!! Grant liked it too.
Gerry has decided to stay in the Air Force for now. We will see where it takes us next. He is working so hard and doing a great job being a dad. I love it when I get to do something for myself after being with the kiddos so much! Everything is going well though. As soon as I take some updated pictures, I will put the up.
Jailynn is about 21 months now and Grant is about 5. He is a chunk compared to Jailynn. He weighs around 15 pounds and she weighs around 22-23. They are both growing so fast. Jailynn is talking a lot more and tries to repeat me. It is so cute!